Top 10 Bidet Myths Dispelled

Learn more about the top 10 Bidet Myths that have been dispelled.

Have you ever considered these ideas? So, here's the deal: BrookPad is debunking the most common myths about electronic bidet toilet seats, bidet accessories, and bidets in general. Bidets are the perfect place to enhance your bathroom hygiene and maintain a safe, healthy well-being, if you noticed one while traveling overseas and wondered "this is a bidet" or you tried using one and had a "interesting" encounter.

 Using toilet paper is less expensive than using a bidet.

The variety of toilet paper available for purchase is mind-boggling. One roll of toilet paper costs on average 2 euros, and Europeans use a ton of toilet paper every day, so we pay a shocking amount every day only on toilet paper! Investing in a bidet seat or bidet extension will effectively reduce the toilet paper use by up to 75%. Furthermore, toilet paper and flushable wipes are creating issues in sewage facilities by clogging drains, filling septic systems, and causing dirty problems that are costly to repair. Toilet paper and other single-use paper materials are very harmful to the climate.

Bidets may be a real pain to use.

Bidets aren't jet-propelled water guns intended to saturate the unwary customer, despite what popular media may have you believe. Modern bidet seats enable you to change the location as well as the pressure for the most comfortable experience. There's no reason to be concerned with getting a jolt from a cold splash, since all of our models have water temperature controls. The BrookPad SplashLet toilet seat's warm air dryer feature even dries the washed region after each use. The mess remains in the bowl since bidet seats attach to your existing toilet.

Bidets are unhygienic.

Is water more hygienic than toilet paper, you may wonder? The reason is that washing with water in a bidet or bidet seat, rather than brushing and irritating your undercarriage, gives you a cleaner feeling quicker and more easily than using toilet paper alone. Water is more sanitary than using toilet paper since it softly cleans the environment. Best of all, on all electric BrookPad bidet chairs, the nozzles are immediately washed! Consider this: if your hands are filthy, do you scrub them with a paper towel or do you wash them with water?

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Bidets are strange, and I'm not sure I'd want to have one.

If you've ever been overseas, you've almost certainly seen a bidet. When you were on the toilet, you may have asked what the "special" fixture was about. Surprisingly, bidets are used in the majority of bathrooms around the world. In the United States, they are surprisingly small and far between. Unfortunately, our overall impression of cleanliness might be deceiving when we are neglecting the cleanliness of our most personal and essential body pieces. You may find your first bidet encounter uncomfortable and unfamiliar, but after you've gotten used to it, you won't want to go back to wiping with toilet paper. Anyone looking forward to the luxury of their bathroom would appreciate the opportunity to sit on a heated toilet seat, scrub with warm water, and use a warm air-dryer.

Bidet seats must be installed by a plumber.

Certainly not! Both BrookPad SplashLet electronic bidet seats need just a normal power outlet and the use of your current water link from your toilet tank. You won't need a plumber to run pipes into your bathroom walls or other unique hookups because anything you'll need is included with the package. This provides optimum comfort in the bathroom without having to think about running out of hot water for a shower.

I don't have enough money for a bidet.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to reap the benefits of a bidet in your bathroom. There are a variety of inexpensive bidets available, ranging from budget-friendly hand-held sprayers like the EcoSplash to specialized bidet seats like the BrookPad SplashLet, which come with programmable temperature controls, heated seats, and warm air dryers. With this bathroom extension, you're not throwing money down the toilet!

The bidet can be operated remotely by a neighbor.

Many BrookPad bidet seats, such as the SplashLet 1200RC toilet seat, come with a wireless remote control for added comfort, but you can rest assured that it is safe. All BrookPad bidet seats with remotes use IR (infrared) signals, which cannot pass through walls, so you won't have an unpleasant bathroom encounter if a neighbor uses their remote.

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I don't have space for a bidet in my toilet.

Bidets are also thought of as a separate entity that takes up space and duplicates plumbing. Not any more! There will always be room for a bidet seat which replaces your existing toilet seat, or a bidet attachment for an existing toilet which installs directly under the seat. For those who want to enjoy the advantages of a modern bidet, the SplashLet Japanese-style bidet seat is an inexpensive and functional choice. Hand-held bidet sprayers, such as the EcoSplash, attach at the toilet tank fill valve and mount to the wall or the side of your toilet tank for those searching for an even more cost-effective alternative.

Bidets are only used for women.

Have you ever entered a men's room and asked, "What does a bidet have to do with this?" Bidets aren't exclusively about ladies, despite common opinion. While the bidet is particularly useful for ensuring feminine hygiene during menstruation and breastfeeding, it is also very hygienic for men to use alongside or instead of toilet paper. Men, women, infants, and the elderly will all benefit from bidet chairs, bidet accessories, and hand-held bidet sprayers. A hygienic clean for all your private parts is given by using an in-house bidet on a regular basis.

To clean properly, you'll need soap in the bidet bath.

The belief that soap is needed to properly clean yourself is untrue. The use of rough and abrasive soaps to clean the genital region on a regular basis will cause the mucosal lining to dry out, increasing the risk of infection, anal fissures, lichen sclerosis, and inflammation. Warm water is the medically prescribed method for cleaning the genital area. BrookPad bidet toilet seats aerate the water softly, resulting in a gentler, more effective wash that is more than enough to cleanse after using the restroom.

Is it possible to get a smart toilet that also has a water wash?

Smart toilets can have long-term benefits not just for your health and comfort, but also for community and the environment. To minimize carbon footprints, we at BrookPad aim to use as many ecological components as possible, beginning with the package. The use of a smart toilet system could reduce the need for toilet paper and reduce global deforestation. Bidets seem to be a no-brainer in terms of advantages. Don't be afraid to give it a shot. BrookPad knows that using a bidet is unfamiliar territory for most of us, but we know that once you get used to it, you won't miss your toilet. Make a shift right now.

What are the implications of using a bidet?

  • If you observed one while traveling abroad and pondered "this is a bidet" or tried one and had a "interesting" experience, bidets are the ideal spot to improve your bathroom cleanliness and maintain a safe, healthy well-being.
  • The number of different types of toilet paper available for purchase is astounding.
  • Investing in a bidet seat or bidet extension might help you save up to 75 percent on toilet paper.
  • Furthermore, toilet paper and flushable wipes are blocking drains, overloading septic systems, and other filthy problems that are expensive to fix in sewage facilities.
  • You could ask whether water is more sanitary than toilet paper.
  • The reason for this is because, rather than brushing and agitating your undercarriage, cleaning with water in a bidet or bidet seat offers you a cleaner sensation faster and more readily than using toilet paper alone.
  • All BrookPad bidet seats with remotes employ IR (infrared) signals, which cannot travel through walls, so if a neighbor uses their remote, you will not have an uncomfortable bathroom encounter.
  • Bidets are not only for ladies.
  • Bidet chairs, bidet accessories, and hand-held bidet sprayers are beneficial to men, women, newborns, and the elderly.
  • Using an in-house bidet on a regular basis provides a sanitary clean for all of your private areas.
  • In order to clean the bidet bath effectively, soap is required.
  • It is a myth that you need soap to effectively clean oneself.
  • Regularly cleaning the vaginal area with rough and abrasive soaps dries out the mucosal lining, increasing the risk of infection, anal fissures, lichen sclerosis, and inflammation.
  • The installation of a smart toilet system might cut down on the consumption of toilet paper while also reducing global deforestation.

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