Hot and Cold Water Sprayer

Sprayer systems in this collection are compatible for both hot and cold water connections and temperature control with a side panel button. The water temperature in the sprayer may be changed. The water would be heated to the right degree, enabling you to shower comfortably. To acquire the needed water in a non-electric type, you will blend hot and cold water. If you choose to use a bidet or water wash unit directly on your toilet, EcoSplash is a non-electric shower bathroom spray solution. Simply connect the EcoSplash douche bidet adapter to your existing toilet to take your bath and personal care to the next level. The WC Sprayer attachment is operated solely by water. Shower water greatly improves personal health and eliminates the need for toilet paper. This is where all of the non-electric sprayers are kept. Function comparison may be found here if you want to compare various EcoSplash models. Go here to learn more about the numerous features available in smart toilets and non-electric sprayers. For more information on the latest bathroom, health, and lifestyle topics, visit our blog. You can discover everything you need here if you are seeking for a good offer.