Deal of the Month

Best Japanese style smart toilet and toilet sprayer extensions that are available in special deal. Here you will find finest way to upgrade your comfort and hygiene to toilet with bidet function. Now you can test by yourself, how to use bidet? Also with toilet with water wash, you can reduce need for toilet paper and do not worry about it anymore. We have a special offer for you this month. Up to 75% off for selected smart toilet bidet and bidet attachment. The offer is valid until the end of the month or while stocks last. You may do it here if you wish to compare different SplashLet-Japanese style toilet models. You can read more about the smart toilets and non-electric sprayer functions description on this website. You may find a function comparison here if you wish to compare different EcoSplash models. For more information on the newest bathroom, health, and lifestyle topics, visit our blog. You can discover everything you need here if you are seeking for a good offer.