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Top Japan Style Smart Shower Seat SplashLet 1500RB (Pre-order)

Top Japan Style Smart Shower Seat SplashLet 1500RB (Pre-order)

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Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat BrookPad SplashLet 1500RB

A smart toilet with a bidet and wash function might be fitted in a regular toilet bowl. It's a narrow electric toilet seat with a single adjustable stainless steel nozzle. The bidet and back wash functions are controlled by independent water control valves on the Nozzle. A remote control or a tiny side panel can be used to operate the item. Remote control of water pressure, temperature, and nozzle positioning is possible.
When the wash mode is chosen, the nozzles expand and the water jet sprays at a controlled pressure. The nozzle also cleans itself by washing it with water before each use. This type also has active deodorization, and the airflow is sent directly through the air filtration system. In addition to the wash capabilities, the smart seat has a heated toilet seat, a soft closing lid, a night light, children's wash, water massage, energy-saving mode, and a dryer.
It is not necessary to replace or change your toilet bowl! It is quickly and simply installed beneath an existing toilet seat. A selection of the most appropriate works are included in the installation collection. Most standard toilet bowls are a suitable fit. Personal hygiene is much enhanced, reducing the need for toilet paper.
The Japanese-style smart toilet seat is also available in a package with specific Ion Water Filters, which will help your device last longer.
This SplashLet bidet toilet seat function comparison can assist you in selecting the best Japanese style toilet for you and comparing different functionalities.

Wash Function

Wash (rear washing):
Bidet (woman wash):
Turbo (intensive wash):
Oscillating washing:
Children auto mode:
Self-cleaning nozzle:

Smart Function

Heated seat:
Occupation seat sensor:
Soft closing:
Energy saving:
LED nightlight:
Stainless steal nozzle:
One touch release:
Stop function:
Auto (wash & dry):

Control Levels

Water temperature control (levels): 4
Water presure control (levels): 5
Seat temperature control (levels): 4
Nozzle positin control (levels): 5
Dry temperature contol (levels): 5

Control Type

Remote control:
Dual receviers:

Advanced Washing

Pulsation wash:
Aerated wash:
Advanced nozzle cleaning:

Advanced Function

Energy saving - 2 modes:

Fan System

Warm air dryer:
Active deodorization:

Water System

Hydraulic water supply:

Heating System

Continuous heating tank:


Metal Pipe:
Connection Pipe (cm): 60
Fixing plate:
Fixing screws:
Metal T-piece 1/2" x 1/2" x 1/2":
Adaptor 1/2" to 3/8":


Length (mm): 496
Width (mm): 406
Height (mm): 178

Technical Details

Maximum (Watt): 870
Water heater (Watt): 800
Seat heater (Watt): 55
Dryer (Watt): 250
Voltage: 230
Electric cord side: L
Water pipe side: R
Made in: KR
Total functions: 31
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